Rally Simulator

Rally Simulator (1988)

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2015-08-26 17:17:55 55yi1bfLGBuN disse

Golf simulators are prtety much useless. They need to put you on a launch monitor to check your launch angle and spin rate along with swing speed. That way they can match a proper shaft and loft with your swing speed. Also, keep in mind shaft stiffness isn't 100% about swing speed, tempo is important too. For example, a person with a 95mph swing that has a short, quick tempo could need a stiff shaft, while someone with a 105mph swing with a long, slow tempo may benefit more from a regular flex shaft. Try to find a Golf Galaxy, Golfsmith, or smaller golf shop that has the proper equipment to measure your swing. Some of the general sports stores don't have the facilities to properly fit you with clubs (some do, but not all).

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